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As of 2007, Mr. Edelson has 14 issued US Patents in the fields of

Graphics, Video, Internet, VOIP and security.



1986  4,482,893

Cathode Ray Tube Display System with Minimized Distortion from Aliasing,

1986  4,591,897

System for Generating a Display of Graphic Objects over a Video Camera Picture

1987  4,704,605

Method and Apparatus for Providing Anti-Aliased Edges in Pixel-Mapped Computer Graphics

1991  5,065,144

Apparatus for Mix-Run Encoding of Image Data

1992  5,140,315

Anti-aliased Pixel Based Display System for Lines and Solids

1993  5,196,834

Dynamic Palette Loading Op-Code System for Pixel Based Display

1994  5,283,554

Mode Switching System for a Pixel Based Display Unit

1998  5,774,110

Filter RAMDAC With Hardware 1 D Zoom Function

2002  6,351,545

Motion Picture Enhancing System

2002  6,424,647

Method and Apparatus for Making a Phone Call Connection Over an Internet Connection

2002  6,473,499

Dynamic Individual Phone Rates

2003  6,504,926

User Control System for Internet Phone Quality

2003  6,600,737

Bandwidth Protection for Voice Over IP

2004  6,690,386

Medical Image Display System







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